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A few days after I released the Koala Paint plug-in someone asked for an Art Studio (also an old Commodore 64 program) plug-in. With these plug-in you can read files in Art Studio format. There is a plugin-in for the hi-res (the standard Art Studio, 320 x 200) format as well as for the multi-color (the Advanced Art Studio, 160 x 200) format. Click here here to download the gzipped tarfile.

    Building instructions    

Building the plug-in is straightforward. First unpack the gzipped tarfile:

 % tar xvfz artstudio-0.9.tgz

Next compile and install the plug-in with:

 % gimptool --install artstudio.c
 % gimptool --install advanced-artstudio.c


To proof that the plug-in works two converted Art Studio Pictures:


and a converted Advanced Art Studio picture:

    Some remarks    
  • These plug-ins are only useful for reading Art Studio files in Commodore 64 format. Files for other 8 bit computers will probably not work.
  • The file extension of Art Studio files is unknown to me. Therefor I didn't provide a load handler which means that the Gimp can't automatically detect what kind of file you are loading. In the 'File Open' dialog you must select the right filetype.
  • I haven't tested this plug-in yet for for Gimp 1.2.x. There is a possibility that it won't work at all.